General Info
Age ? (biologically 20s-30s)
Birthday May 5th,????
Hair Color Red with gray streaks
Eye color Red
Height 5' 4.5''
Weight About 144-160 lbs

Toki is a female erin


She is a red-haired female erin of about slightly above average height and has a very large bust. She also has a very pale complexion and is usually seen in a purple or, more commonly, black dress, often coming to the floor. She only wears one shoe, as her right leg is a robotic one, and has two irises in her right eye. She also suffers from mental illnesses, the most notable of which is schizophrenia. She is also unmarried and very wealthy, living in large house with her friends, children, and twin sister

Other Info


Dancing, singing, some things in relation to pyrotechnics, guns, weapons, picking out clothes, coming to Japan, fast cars, pets, sweets, and flowers. Also extreme sports


Being ignored, being hit, and Sunflower. Also, having her bath, meal, and sleeping times disturbed or thrown off.

Known for:

Taking in children, being mentally ill, being pretty affectionate, a foul temper, her temper tantrums (so bad that there are 'Toki shelters' in some parts of the country and in that neighborhood), not being allowed in Texas for accidentally making Mexico a state, keeping thing and the hierarchy in proper order, almost always wining at cards and dice, eating just about anything that would be considered edible, being manipulative, and lounging around nude

Role in the Madgie, what did you do? Series

She often plays the role of a guide, often knowing how to resolve things. If she is not present, then her sister, Doki fulfills that role.

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