Doki is a female erin afflicted with cerebral palsy and myopia (nearsightedness). She is also Toki's twin sister.



She is a busty female with red hair, slightly above average height, and has cerebral palsy. Unlike her sister, she has some employment and works part-time (as in only certain days) as an APRN (Advanced Practiced Registered Nurse) at the local hospital. She also has a very pale complexion and is usually seen in a pink dress that tends is at varying lengths. When at work, her uniform is either white, pink, or, one case, blue. As of current, she has three daughters, one adopted named Opal and two biological named Vielle and Angeline. Like her sister, she is unmarried and has babies through parthenogenesis.

Other info

  • Name: Doki
  • Age: Unknown, presumed to be in either late eighties to early nineties (biologically in twenties or thirties)
  • Eye Color: Pink (usually, red when angry)
  • Hair: Red
  • Birthday: May 5th
  • Likes: Reading, sewing, her career, and various other things
  • Hates: Having her naps or bath times thrown off or disturbed.
  • Aliases: Angel or anything with "Angel" in it
  • Known for: Her kind personality, being the voice of reason, and her career.

Role in the Madgie, what did you do? Series

In the place of her sister, she tends to work as a guide

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