General Info
Age 20s
Birthday October 3rd
Hair Color Blonde
Eye color Blue(Aqua green in original drawings)
Height 5' 4.5''
Weight 125 lbs

Brownie is Toki's best friend and is a wolf-boxer dog hybrid. She is Brittani's twin sister.


She has blonde hair, blue eyes, a large bust, and is about the same height as Toki. She also has ASD and is unemployed, paying her rent using lottery tickets and disability benefits. She mostly wears clothes befitting of the gothic and punk subculture.

Other info


Rock music, customized guns, parties, energy drinks, and standing at the front of lines to make everyone else wait for long hours. Also, playing the guitar.


Madgie, for a few reasons (according to her, two of them were "between her, Madgie, Toki, and the stairs" and making her crash her bike)

Known for

Being able to play a guitar, being able to scream at the same frequency as dog whistles, caffeine addiction, and driving under the influence of caffeine. Also, choosing Toki's side over her sister's, crashing into buildings, running over Toki (more often that not), driving on the curb, and, getting her license taken away.

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